How Deep Breathing Can Help In Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. Estimates put the number of diabetic patients double now, which is around 134 million individuals, by 2025. Numerous factors cause an increase in blood sugar. Genetics and lifestyle factors affect blood sugar levels, often leading to specific organ damage. Our sedentary lifestyle, consumption of excessive calorie-rich foods, stress, and obesity heightens the risks.

Taking measures to reduce stress and high blood pressure is crucial. One simple solution to control both is deep breathing. Dr Shrey Srivastav, MD at Sharda Hospital, says the same. “10-15 minutes of deep breathing a day can help in controlling diabetes and also reduce the blood pressure and prevent heart diseases,” Dr Srivastav told Hindustan Times.

Connection Between Blood Sugar and Breathing

Increased blood sugar can cause severe damage to multiple body parts such as kidneys, hearts, and nerves. But this also potentially impacts the body’s lung health and ability to breathe.

A healthy diet and exercise pattern can restore your breathing effectively. Deep breathing can help reduce stress and improve glucose management.

How does deep breathing manage diabetes?

As the doctor suggests, 10-15 minutes of meditation can effectively help you manage your blood sugar level, hence diabetes.

Deep breathing regulates the body system known to control the blood glucose level and balance insulin production.
Deep breathing aids muscle relaxation, dilating blood vessels and promoting better flow. It also lowers your heart stress and blood pressure.
During deep breathing, your body utilises more oxygen, eventually increasing energy levels.
It facilitates improved functioning of your body organs and reduces the production of a stress hormone called cortisol.