UK’s most expensive turkey goes on sale for £220 in time for Christmas

A butcher is offering to sell what could be the UK’s most expensive Christmas turkey, for a hefty £220.50.

Thomas Joseph Butchery has a boujee bird, apparently fed a diet of herbs to maximise flavour, ready to ship to homes across the country.

After being fed their unique diet, the fowl are then left to hang for 10 days after being “dry plucked”.

The 4 to 5kg free range bronze turkey also comes with 24 pigs in blankets, sausage meat and chicken stock to make a fancy gravy.

While this bank-busting bird suggests this butchers is not the place to count your pennies, supermarket premium ranges will still set you back an eye-watering amount too.

Waitrose’s most expensive turkey comes in at £112 and M&S is charging an extravagant £144 for its British free-range stuffed turkey crown.

As food prices soar across the country, many people will looking to budget stores when it comes to securing the main event for the Christmas table.

Figures from last year’s festive spending habits, released by Kantar revealed that the average amount spent on a frozen turkey was £12.46.

A full plate consisting of turkey and all the trimmings was found to set back a British family of four £27.48.

The cheapest frozen Turkey, which is said to serve four to seven people at Asda is £13.50, a £1.04 increase on last year’s price.

Aldi offering a the same sized turkey for £13.99.

Other contenders for the UK’s cheapest turkey is Tesco whose five to six serving bird comes in at £14

On the top end of the frozen scale is, unsurprisingly, Waitrose selling the same sized turkey for £25 from their essentials range.