5-Point Checklist For The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Wedding season is back, one of your closest friends is getting hitched, and you’re in charge of throwing her an unforgettable party. As you prepare to get your clique together for her bachelorette party, here are a few tips to get off your checklist. Whether you’re looking for a celebratory brunch or a cozy evening get-together, here’s our guide on how to throw the perfect bachelorette party.

Set the tone for the night with a lively theme: A well-chosen theme sets the scene for a truly memorable party. Taking your bride-to-be’s tastes into account, select a theme that will guide the mood and flow of the party. You can unleash nostalgia with a throwback party that celebrates the bride’s childhood memories, decorated with confetti, neon slinkies and posters of her favorite boy bands. Alternatively, personalize the party with a ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ theme, that makes your bestie the center of attention. You can decorate using old photos and souvenirs of significant moments from her life, and have games where the guests share their favourite stories and relive some fond memories shared with her.

Bust out a banging playlist that gets the party going: Your playlist is the key to setting the mood of the party. Keep the vibe alive by curating a custom playlist of her favorite hits beforehand to keep the energy going and get your guests grooving.

Curate a special cocktail experience: You can never go wrong with classics. Shake things up with quick, easy and delicious bar-style cocktails at home with BACARDÍ MIX’R. With the memorable flavours of Mojito and Long Island Tea to choose from which pairs perfectly with white rum. Curate a classic Long Island with 60ML white rum, 120ML Bacardi Mix’r – Long Island Tea, 60ML soda water and 3-4 lime wedges. To make this classic, mix your favorite White Rum (or chilled water if you’re making a mocktail) with the Mix’r – Long Island Tea flavour. Add a splash of soda to top up and garnish with as many lemon wedges as you like. Or, you can also surprise guests with a Mojito with 60ML white rum, 120ML Mix’r – mojito, 60ML Soda Water and a sprig of mint leaves. Mix your favourite White Rum (or chilled water) with mojito flavour mix’r. Add a splash of soda to top up and garnish with lemon wedges and a sprig of mint leaves.

Kick off some friendly competition with exciting drinking games: Get your guests competing for the title of the best bride bestie through the party as you break out a series of fun drinking games. There are many pre-made formats available online that vary from quizzing your attendees on the bride’s best tastes to daring them to reveal their deepest secrets. Paired with the right supply of cocktails and cheering peers, prepare to revel with your friends as they reveal some saucy stories and secrets.

End the evening on a high note with plenty of pictures and party favours: Remember to capture these incredible memories by taking plenty of pictures during the party, which will become memorable keepsakes for the guests and the bride for years to come. Pair these with some selected goodies like a commemorative t-shirt, and a personalized note from the bride, to make it a bachelorette party to remember.