House-hunters baffled by £310,000 price tag on one-bed house and its only 7ft wide

House-hunters have been left bewildered by the hefty £310,000 price tag of a one-bedroom house – that is only 7ft-wide.

The narrow property is a converted hay store located in Bristol and measures just under 7ft in width and 33ft in length.

The tiny home is split across two floors and the entire building, which is sandwiched between two larger properties, totals just 531 sq ft.

Estate agents have described the property as “inspiring” and “something special”, but social media users can’t believe the eye-watering price it’s been listed for.

It’s certainly a unique property and despite its small size, it’s able to pack a lot into it, including a kitchen, shower room, bath, living and dining area, and a space for sleeping.

The cosy living area also doubles up as a dining area, with room for a small sofa, side table and some decorative shelving.

There is also a bath located behind the living area, next to a window looking out over the street.

The property has a traditional feel to it with solid oak features throughout but has been modernised with bright white walls and new fittings.

The kitchen is located downstairs, it has been hand-built and features integrated appliances as well as a cast iron burner to keep the home warm during the winter months.

A stable door overlooks the neighbourhood, whilst a glass panel is also shown above the kitchen area so anyone upstairs can look beneath.

The sleeping area has been separated from the living space using a raised platform.

Estate agents Elephant listed the property on the market earlier this month (November 1) for offers in excess of £310,000.

They said: “We have the pleasure of marketing for the third time this unique and inspiring mews house set in the heart of Montpelier.

“This former hay store located just off Picton Street is a prime example of how creativity and canny design can transform a small space into something special.

“Having been well loved by its current owner, the house has a kitchen with integrated appliances and a shower room downstairs, with a living and dining area, raised sleeping platform and feature bath upstairs.”

The quaint home has got social media users talking – with many dumbfounded by the jaw-dropping price of the small home.

One said: “It feels like a narrow boat, without the scenery or quirkiness of living on a boat, yet with the price tag of a house. I live in the South East and even I’m shocked by the asking price.”

Another wrote: “A friend of mine picked up a two-bed flat in Montpelier for £350,000 and it is five times the size of this. The price is madness even for Bristol”.

A third joked: “It’s worth it, it’s got a ‘feature’ bath”.

It wasn’t all negative though, some people actually liked the property with a fourth person adding: “I like it, actually. You’d need to be very able-bodied and very rich, though.

“You’d also need to be tidy- you’d need a bungalow out the back to put your stuff in.”